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Some have pondered whether companion Winston Churchill worked off camera for Chanel’s benefit.

While not formally charged, Chanel endured in the court of general feeling. Some still saw her association with a Nazi officer as a selling out of her nation. Chanel left Paris, spending a few years in Switzerland in a kind of outcast. She additionally inhabited her nation house in Roquebrune for a period.

At 70 years old, Chanel made a triumphant come back to the style world. She initially got scorching audits from commentators, yet her ladylike and simple fitting outlines soon won over customers as far and wide as possible.


In 1969, Chanel’s entrancing biography turned into the premise for the Broadway musical Coco featuring Katharine Hepburn as the fabulous architect. Alan Jay Lerner composed the book and verses for the show’s tune while Andre Prévin created the music. Cecil Beaton took care of the set and ensemble plan for the generation.