Portable Stages: Strong, Affordable, and Lightweight Performance Platforms

Planning an outdoor event presents unique challenges, not least of which is trying to present a professional appearance among the elements that might be out of your control. Continue reading about lightweight portable stage that is a great solution for performers and event organisers alike!

Why Are They Used?

For weddings, events, and any other performances, be sure to have a sturdy stage that can capture attention. There are two choices for stages: you can rent one or build one.

One way to make sure your performance venue is equipped with the right stage for whatever event you happen to be hosting is by building a portable one.

Portable Stages

Portable stages are flat, lightweight, durable, and portable. They are available in various features, shapes, and sizes to suit any performance need.

These lightweight stages are easy to carry and assemble - they're lightweight enough to be carried by one person!

Portable stages can be stored away when not needed, so if the venue has another purpose for that space, it's easy to store them out of the way until they are needed again.

Uses of Portable Stage Platforms

It offers a broad range of uses. They work best for spaces where it would not be able to have a permanent stage. It could include community centers, halls belonging to various churches, schools, or rental event spaces.

Easy To Use:

The portable stage is easy to assemble and disassemble, so when the space is needed for another purpose, we can store the staging platform away until it's time to perform again.

Stage sets are practical for many situations, but we're here to help you find what suits your needs at the end of the day.

Do You Need a Lightweight Portable Stage?
Build a Perfect Portable Stage

The main stage will work closely with you to create a staging platform that suits your needs from beginning to end. The stage will also suit your venue in both appearance and practicality.

The professional team is dedicated to designing stage platforms that will better suit your platform!

You will need an expert stage manufacturer Nexgen Portable Staging to create a high-quality, bespoke staging platform for your event.

It will match the broader architecture of your venue and be practical, unlike some other suppliers who are unaffordable and just not much use either.

Portable stages are simple to set up and tear down quickly. We'll also make sure that the staging is safe and strong enough to support performance.

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Build a Portable Stage

You should have some working knowledge of tools. Other than being lightweight and easy to set up, another perk of this stage is that just about anyone can build it.

Adjustable Size

Before considering what size to use, you will need to calculate the number of dignitaries in attendance. It is not easy to maintain a balance between overcrowding your platform and having too much space.

How to Assemble Portable Stages?

When it comes to the best portable stages, you want a perfect size for your purposes. In general, 8 feet wide by 4 feet high staging platforms are the industry standard.

The construction of the stage frame can take your stage from unstable to sturdy. Take three pieces of your 2 x 4 s and lay them on the ground in intervals of 4 feet from each other. Take two of the 8 feet long 2 x 4 s, and complete the frame on it.

All of the stage boards should be laying on the two-inch-wide side of the board, which will make the frame four inches tall.

Method To Join the Parts of Stage

Just using the remaining 2 x 4 s, cut six 2' sections for legs and six 4" sections at 45 degrees from the other boards to use as braces.

Drill holes in the four corners of your 8-foot boards and attach them to each corner of the stage with bolts, nuts, and washers. Locate and hold the last nut tight with your pliers.
You should secure three-inch wood screws in the braces to ensure stability.

When the legs have been attached to the stage frame, proceed by attaching a sheet of plywood with 1.5-inch size wood screws 16 inches apart along all stage edges.

Place additional sheets of plywood on the ground of the stage to avoid tripping. Additionally, you can also bolt sections of the stage together to help create a more sturdy platform.

Stage Designs

Complete stage by sanding, painting black and applying fabric skirts. You can also add anti-slip tape in strategic areas for added traction. While the stage is not in use, remove any necessary bolts and put away the legs out of sight for easy storage.

Are you looking for a stage?

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Categories of Stages

They have different categories such as quality, lightweight, surface texture, price, and portable stages that are easy to assemble and strong enough.

Portable Stage For Different Purposes

The portable stage can be used in various events, such as concerts, conferences, fashion shows, or any other event with an elevated platform.

These stage accessories can also be easily moved from place to place without much effort at all.

It's suitable for trade shows, Church, Drum kit risers, bars, restaurants, fitness instructors, corporate government events, schools, speaking engagements, yoga, Pilates, theatre groups, musicians, camping, performers, and many other uses.

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Q: Are These Portable Lightweight Stages Safe?

A: Yes, the stage weighs approximately 45 lbs, including stage legs, all other components, and stage accessories.

Q: How Many Types of Portable Stages Are Available?

A: There are several types of stages available. They come in different ranges, prices, and sizes.

Q: Do This Stage Survive Heavy-Duty Use?

A: Yes, It supports 500 lbs per unit and is built to last.

Q: What Is The Size of the Stage?

A: Each Stage size is 4x4 feet with a height of 4 inches, which can be expanded to 22 inches. You may connect many units according to your requirement to increase your stage setup size.