How To Cure Receding Gum With Home Remedies?

Gum Disease: Bacterial infections tend to damage the gum tissue and bone that support the teeth. It causes gum recession and other issues. Although the most common cause of gum disease is poor oral hygiene, there are other conditions as well, like hormonal changes, nutritional deficiencies, diseases such as diabetes or certain medications, which cause gum disease as a side effect.

However, here are some home remedies that we propose to you, but along with that, it is important to optimize dental hygiene to prevent gum disease from getting worse.

1.)  To cure gum disease with natural home remedies, baking soda is a great ally. Mix a teaspoon of baking soda with a little hydrogen peroxide and gargle with the liquid after each brushing. This option will help you to reduce gum disease and improve their fitness.

2.)   Another similar solution to reverse receding gums is to mix one teaspoon of salt with some warm mineral water. Salt is a powerful anti-inflammatory that also helps to eliminate bacteria. Wash three times a day, after each brushing.

3.)  Make a paste of baking soda and bottled water, and massage the gums at least three times a day after brushing your teeth. The baking soda will remove plaque and reduce inflammation, while the massage relieves the discomfort.

4.)  Get a bunch of fresh mint leaves and dip them in a little hot water for a minimum of around 30 minutes. With liquid rinse your mouth after brushing thrice daily.

5.)  If you have an Aloe Vera plant at home, this may be your best ally to treat gum disease naturally. Cut a sheet, and remove the pulp, with this gel, massage your gums least three times a day, then brush normally. Aloe Vera helps to reduce inflammation.

6.)  Use Nature’s Smile herbal gum balm. It's seven herbal extracts is very useful for all kinds of periodontal issues and gives a fresh breath to your mouth. It comes with a mouth rinse as well. It is readily available online. You can order it from

To cure gum disease, it is imperative to:

Brush your teeth after every meal properly. Floss once a day; it is the only tool that can help you remove the build-up of plaque in the gums. Go to your hygienist on a regular basis for professional tooth cleaning, to help remove plaque that has been attached to the nail, improve your health.