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When the bride dress the Xifu spice up, the bride to be can’t eat anything until your beloved partner meet the groom and have all of the marriage step finished. There have a very important factor need to mention, which is the color of the Xifu in medieval times is red. No other color is allowed. In ancient times in China, no person ever thing that the Xifu might be other color.

And your beloved partner just can wear the Xifu once in their life time, if bride use it twice, it’ll be a tremendous shame to the bride to be along with the whole family. At the second day of the wedding, the bride to be have to collect the Xifu and set it right into a box rather than can dress it again. Maybe when the bride turn into a mother, when their daughter achieve the marriage age, the caretaker can pass the cherish Xifu to their daughter. Of cause, in the event the are born in a wealthy family, you’ll be able to customized your Xifu or increase the risk for Xifu on your own. If you are in a very wealthy family, you’ll never insufficient beautiful fabric. Hotintheshop cream pemutih wajah