5 Places To Look For A Life Style

What the gallery will accomplish for Gucci (beside a lively exchange iPad cases and baggage labels in the blessing shop) is indicate how the brand has outgrown design and turned into a piece of our way of life. On the off chance that that sounds highfalutin, consider that the Gucci loafer has been a piece of the changeless accumulation of Moma in New York following 1985. On the other hand turn on the radio: from Sister Sledge to Kanye West, Soulja Boy to Kreayshawn, the rundown of melodies that namecheck Gucci is unending.

It is two days after her Milan catwalk show, and three days prior to the red-covered premiere night of the exhibition hall in Florence. Gucci HQ is a whirlwind of movement, however Giannini’s office is the cool at the eye of the tempest. Our meeting is planned at 10am; at 9.59am her entryway opens, and I am introduced. There are pioneer cowhide couches around a sparkling walnut end table on which a Dictaphone is unmistakably shown, to guarantee Gucci has an exact record of our discussion. Beside this is a square plate of canapes: five small choux buns, five perfect smaller than usual organic product tartlets and five immaculate squares of pistachio cake, lined up with regimental accuracy. Giannini, her partner Angela, the British PR Bella Musgrave, and I all take our seats around the table.