What You Should Know About Portable Stage Equipment

No matter what kind of wedding you're having, the portable stage equipment and dance floor is a must-have; Is the place where the whole environment will be created. For example, illuminated stage are always a success; The combination of lights and colors will make your guests sit in a disco of the 70's and surely will create a very special and fun atmosphere so that no assistant wants to stop dancing for a second.

The dance floor is something that all boyfriends take for granted and sometimes it does not even go through your head that there are details to consider about it. A bride chooses the venue, music, DJ and other details with extreme caution but they usually leave that space in which your guests will spend most of your wedding aside. But the realism is that you have to not forget him, for example, you must calculate from the people to define the extension of your track. Approximately, for every 200 guests, your portable staging system should have an area of 25 or 30 square meters (that is, it should measure between 5 × 5 or 5 × 6 meters).

Advantages And Types Of Portable Stage

Each type of stage there is different advantages that you can enjoy, and each one adapts to the budget you have. In the UK, there are hundreds of companies dedicated to the rent and the assembly of this type of stage.

Finally, remember that this is the place where you will have the first dance with your husband, the dance with your dad! You have to think about everything, choose the material, whether you want wood or glass if you want it with LEDs that light if it is wood, what color matches your tables, tablecloths and theme, and more. That's why we tell you what types of portable stage equipment you can choose.

Wood Stage

One of the first that came to market for the advantages, they offer you. It consists of a wooden floor with lights or panels on the sides that illuminate it, it is recommended for enclosed places, with carpet or even gardens, so when removing it, the grass will remain intact.

Acrylic Stage

Its base is also of wood and on it are mounted pictures of acrylic in white color. The advantage of these types of staging system is that they are cheaper.

Crystal Stage With LEDs

These types of tracks are a little more sophisticated, and the advantage is that each painting can be lit in a different color which creates a fusion of the music and the moment. At present, it is the most popular choice for the bride and groom.

NexGen Portable Stage UK

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