Sage BOB 50 Boekhoudsoftware Review

Sage BOB 50 boekhoudsoftware is the groundbreaking small-business billing software designed by TCS Computers. Though there are several billing applications available on the market, Sage BOB boekhoudsoftware is considered a “Non-Traditional” Accounting Software, because it is intended to be used by entrepreneurs, freelancers and new start-ups, and by people who know nothing regarding formal accounting.

Reason For Using Sage BOB 50

The Sage BOB 50 boekhoudsoftware has been used by 35,000 small companies that take pleasure in pain free billing and accounting. This is the most trusted product that is easy to use and offers you the most accurate results. You can generate and send specialized invoices that get paid online. By means of the Sage BOB 50 billing software, you can record, follow and settle your expenses effortlessly. The software accomplishes general accounting tasks to assist you to manage the particulars of your business. It enables you to track projects, time and jobs. It offers a shared access for you, your group and bookkeeper or accountant.

What Sage BOB 50 offers?

Sage BOB 50 software support limitless collaborators, consumers and billing. An account as well, supports two managers with complete access rights so that you can effort with your accountant or a business partner without an extra charge. You can append more managers for a nominal monthly subscription. Each Sage BOB 50 account is available with 5GB of free storage for your projects and documents. Sage bookkeeping offers two accounting options, such as Sage 50 Standard and Sage 50 Invoicing. The Sage 50 Standard version comprises bill and expenditure tracking, financial statements, project and job tracking, making it appropriate for those who need more than just simple billing. The Sage 50 Invoicing account can support most people who only require income tracking, online billing and contact management.

Uses of Sage BOB 50 Boekhoudsoftware

Using the Sage BOB 50 software, you can generate, send and track bills easily. You can modify your invoices by making use of your personal logo, and save them as PDF files and send them by email. To guarantee accuracy, you can preview the bills earlier than you send them to your customers. This accounting software can administer numerous sales tax rates, related purchase orders, bill remarks and even fractional payments. As soon as you have stored data such as customer information, the software can include that information automatically into invoices to assist you to generate them.

Features Of The Sage BOB 50 Software

Easy bookkeeping

To use the Sage BOB 50 billing software for bookkeeping purposes, you have no necessity to be a specialist in bookkeeping or accounting because the calculation will be automatically done by the software. It is designed with professional quote and bill templates and all your bills and operating costs are stored in a single place. It is designed with the handy financial reporting and connects you to your bank and you can reconcile your payments effortlessly.


Sage BOB 50 boekhoudsoftware is not chaotic with tools that micro companies and freelancers do not need. It is the easy-to-use accounting software packed with task management, project tracking, collaboration and recompense processing. Sage BOB 50 boekhoudsoftware is an intelligent version when compared to the conventional accounting software.

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